Select Films

EVERY SPEED watch online
HD video and animation | 12 min | 2012
DP, Co-Producer/Director/Editor/Sound Designer with Lindsey Martin

Every Speed is a short experimental documentary that looks at the meaning of movement for people with and without physical disabilities – both in terms of design and accessibility of cities and transportation as well as personal experiences of movement – in the context of a culture that places value on independence, speed, and physical ability.

Best of Fest, New Urbanism Film Festival
24th Annual Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU24)
Best of Fest, New Urbanism Film Festival sponsored by Olympians for People-Oriented Places
New Urbanism Film Festival
*Award for Best Urban Sociology Film
"Soulful Chicago Stories" screening at Access Living, sponsored by Chicago Artist Month
Run of Life, Experimental Documentary & Expanded Media Series
Ehtnografilm Festival
SF Urban Film Festival
CAMRA at Penn Screening Scholarship Media Festival in collaboration with the 35th Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum
San Francisco Documentary Film Festival
Louisville International Festival of Film
Northside DIY Film Festival
Iowa City Documentary Film Festival
Athens International Film & Video Festival
Asolo Art Film Festival
*Premio Asolo Award for Best Film on Architecture

Bodies & Boundaries conference, sponsored by NYU
Every Speed: Disability and Time, Disability and the Teaching of Writing Symposium, Bryn Mawr Film Institute
Liberty Resources Friday Film Series and Panel, Philadelphia and Allentown, PA
Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) Annual Meeting and Conference: Going to Scale: Making What Works Accessible to All
Society for Disabilities Studies (SDS) 23rd Annual Conference


ILLNESS MAGNIFIED - watch online
Super 16mm and HD video | 17 min | 2011
Producer, Director, DP, Editor, Sound Designer/Editor

Illness Magnified is an experimental documentary about the experience, language, and spaces of illness from the perspective of both patients and physicians. 

Ethnografilm Festival
RxSM Underground Film Expo
*Jury Award for Unique Perspective
*programmed on VTXTV - TV Expo
MIX New York Queer Experimental Film Festival
Termite TV Health & Happiness Screening
Diamond Screen Film Festival
*Award for Best Editing
SCINEMA Festival of Science Film (traveling)
Fantasia Film Festival
Chicago Underground Film Festival
Athens International Film and Video Festival



Online Interactive Narrative | 2014
Directed by Lisa Marie Patzer 

a.k.a. Profile Glitch is an interactive online narrative about three characters, Marty, Maeve and Johanna, who meet at Harmony Village, an intentional community located outside of Ithaca, New York. The unique emotional and physical dynamics of communal life, with its own constructed social norms and rules of conduct, creates an intense interpersonal experience. The conflict between the characters highlights issues of self-identity and self-representation in different social contexts and how new technologies of the networked public disrupt the way people perform their identity online.


ISEA2015: 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art



Narrative | 20 min | 2015
Role: Editor, Sound Designer
Director: Eugene Sun Park, Full Spectrum Features
Producer: Cynthia Bond

Self-Deportation tells the story of an Asian American woman (played by Wanda Jin) who crosses over into a surreal world after a series of strange encounters on the subway. Caught in an endless loop of subway cars and mysterious hallways, she becomes lost in the fantastical landscape of "Real America" --dreamlike environments populated by various American archetypes: a peppy cheerleader, a fast-talking politician, an heroic firefighter, etc. 

Her final act of “self-deportation” – both literal and figurative – raises questions about our notions of home and belonging.

CreActive International Film Festival
Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival
Videodrunk (Toronto) *Intertoto prize
Pineapple Underground Film Festival (Hong Kong)
Mosaic World Film Festival
Korea Expat Film Festival (South Korea)
CineBodega Film Festival
DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival
Ithaca Pan Pacific American Film Festival
Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers - Finalist
Absinthe Pop Art
Chicagoland Shorts @ Anthology Film Archives
Chicagoland Shorts @ Facets Cinematheque
Speechless Film Festival